7 Amazing Ways You Can Celebrate Harry Potter Book Night At Home This Weekend


Isn’t it time to bring a little bit of magic into our lives, this weekend?


And with The Book Nook, you can!


In celebration of Harry Potter Book Night, we're giving you 10% off ALL our amazing Harry Potter books and gifts throughout February.


That's right, the whole of February.


Even though, because of lockdown restrictions, Harry Potter Book Night 2021 has been moved from 4th February 2021 to Thursday 24th June.


But hey, if it means more time in Hogwarts, that's okay with me.


It also doesn’t mean we still can’t celebrate our love of the wizarding world from home.


Sure, we can’t eat amazing Harry Potter snacks together whilst competing in the tri-wizard tournament.


And we can’t give Dobby a sock.


But, if you’re looking for a great way to keep the kids entertained during yet another lockdown weekend at home, check out our seven wondrously magical ways to celebrate Harry Potter Book Night below, that’ll involve the whole family.


1. Bake Your Own House Sorting Cupcakes


If anyone came to our event last year, you’ll know these went down a real treat! So why not try creating your own at home? Just follow this recipe from the BBC, and you’ll have hours of fun sorting yourself into your favourite house. It’s also a great hands-on activity to do together.


2. Organise a Fun Fancy Dress Competition


Everyone loves dressing-up. And you can get really creative with this.


Challenge the whole family to an impromptu fancy-dress competition, where they can dress-up as their favourite character from Harry Potter, but only using items they find around the house. But remember, no Polyjuice potions.


3. Organise Your Own Quidditch Match with a Homemade Golden Snitch


This one might be best played in the garden, but if it’s a rainy day, I’m sure you can have some careful fun in the house, too.


You can even make your own golden snitch (we love this origami golden snitch).


The best way to do this is to have a fun game of hide-and-seek where the seekers have to try and find the golden snitch, whilst the rest of the family play stuck-in-the-mud.


I wonder, who’ll win those all important points?


4. A Home Cinema Day Watching All the Harry Potter Films

Get those snacks, bake those cupcakes, and settle down into the best movie-marathon the wizarding world has to offer.


5. Make Your Own Butterbeer

What better beverage to wash down those sorting house cupcakes than with a big ol’ casket of Butterbeer?


Straight from the Leaky Cauldron, this is our favourite butterbeer recipe.


6. Create a Harry Potter Quiz & Win Amazing Harry Potter Prizes


This has to be the most fun activity out there. Allocate someone as quiz master, and let them create the most out-of-this-world Harry Potter quiz there is!


You can have Harry Potter-themed prizes and tokens, and The Book Nook has some great ones for you to choose from.


Check out our Harry Potter candles.

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7. Re-read Your Favourite Harry Potter Book


What Harry Potter Book Night would be complete without reading your favourite book?

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And at The Book Nook, we've got some beautiful editions to add to your collection.

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We know you’ve probably already read the books hundreds of times, but there really is nothing better than settling in with a butterbeer, a cupcake-in-hand, to read your favourite Harry Potter book.

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These lovely illustrated editions would make the perfect gift for any Harry Potter lover.

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And with that in mind, what IS your favourite book? Let us know your favourite over on our Book Nook Facebook page. And don’t forget to send us your pictures celebrating Harry Potter Book Night! We can’t wait to hopefully celebrate in person on 24th June this summer.


Remember, you can order the Harry Potter books above from The Book Nook. You can email us at info@booknookshop.co.uk or call us on 01920 467 597 to place an order.

And you can still order in lockdown! We offer collection or delivery services.

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